Be My Valentine? (4 Awesome Printables)

Everyone is always arguing about whether or not to celebrate Valentine’s Day, how it’s just another excuse to buy into the commercialist machine, how single people are left out, and so on. Honestly, I don’t care about roses or exchanging gifts, and I certainly don’t feel like fighting the traffic to go out to a nice dinner. Bah humbug! Truly, though, I’m just bummed that adults don’t have the opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day the ways kids do –  decorate a paper mailbox, pass out little cards to everyone you see, eat chalky conversation hearts and tiny pink cupcakes.

Dear friends, if you were in my class on Valentine’s Day this year, I would be giving one of the following cards:

Doctor Who Valentine’s Cards  (Free Printable)
From: Superflash Creative

doctor who valentines

For Doctor Who fans, what would Valentine’s Day be without a cutesy sonic-screwdriver-in-your-pocket joke? Worthless, I say. Worthless.

Women of History Valentines ($5.00, Printable)
From: Passive Juice Motel

women of history valentines

You know, roses and candy are great and all, but how about a Valentine that fights your rights and supports your feminist agenda? I’m in!

Consent Valentines (Free Printable)
From: What We Pretend


It’s true – consent is sexy. Now that I think about it, the whole BE MINE thing is a little pushy. (Bonus, this one can be printed out as a coloring page!)

Star Wars (Free Printable)
From: Wit & Wander


Okay, these are actually the cards I’m going to print out for my kids to take to school because they are the cutest Star Wars cards I found anywhere and I simply love them. Look at that C3P0 and R2D2! Awwwwwww.

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