Less fussing – kids clothes

I’ve been considering a minimalist wardrobe for the girls. There are obvious benefits, the same that apply to a minimalist wardrobe for myself –

  1. Less laundry
  2. Forces me to keep up with laundry
  3. Less space required for storing clothes
  4. Less fussing in the morning about what to wear

Things to consider in order to implement this:

  • Clothes would need to be high-quality to withstand the frequent use and tough love of 2-year-olds.
  • Clothes would need to be neutral enough to mix and match but still fit the girls’ interests.
  • Buying tiny adorable clothes is fun and I would need to curb my impulse to buy more.

It’s important to me that the girls grow up learning what I am just now struggling with in adulthood – more is not better. We should appreciate the things we have, take care of them, and learn to let go of things when it’s time. We create happiness through the experiences we share together, rather than trying to fill our closets with more things.

Any words of advice on working toward this goal?

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